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Wavy honeycomb core slicing tool


Part # DIA Description Use with
45CSW 1.771” 45MM 45H, 45H_CARB
50CSW 1.968” 50MM 45H, 45H_CARB
2CSW 2.000” 2.0" 2H, 2HLG, 2HLG_3DEG
63CSW 2.480” 63MM 63H, 63HLG, 63H_CARB, 63HLG_CARB
3CSW 3.00” 3.0" 3H, 3HLG

Large Wavy 
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Our wavy Coreslicers™ are recommended for use on fiberglass, Kevlar and aluminum honeycomb core materials. Highly recommended for heavy wall aluminum core and high density Kevlar core. Our wavy Coreslicers™ are also recommended for cutting through bond lines that cannot be avoided when finishing complex shaped parts.

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Wavy Edge Coreslicers™

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