Rebating (trenching, ditching, relieving, etc.) is the removal of material between the skins of a sandwich panel. Due to the unique geometry of our rebating tools, cutting feed rates will increase up to 500% above our competitors.

We stock many custom configurations of rebating tools that are not listed above. Please contact our sales department to inquire.

Undercutting/Rebating Tools
Part # DIA LOC Shank DIA OAL
5CHRBCL 13MM 12.7MM 6MM 100MM
TR315X5X6MM .500" .315" 6MM 2.50"
TR335X5X6MM .500" .335" 6MM 2.50"
TR600X5X6MM .500" .600" 6MM 2.50"
TEKLRBT75X335X6MM .750" .335" 6MM 2.50"
Modular  Sandwich  Panel Cutter  Arbor
3 Shank DIA OAL Description
5APCA .500" 3.0" Arbor for modular panel cutter assembly
Modular Sandwich Panel Cutter Core Insert
Part # DIA LOC Description
875X16CHRBPCA .875" .160" Insert for Core material
875X21CHRBPCA .875" .210" Insert for Core material
875X38CHRBPCA .875" .380" Insert for Core material
875X45CHRBPCA .875" .450" Insert for Core material
875X475CHRBPCA .875" .475" Insert for Core material
875X50CHRBPCA .875" .500" Insert for Core material
100X312CHRBPCA 1.00" .312" Insert for Core material
Modular Sandwich Panel Cutter  Skin Insert
Part # DIA LOC Description
5PCCFRU .500" .150" Skin insert for General use
5PCCFRU_CVD .500" .150" Skin insert for Heavy Duty use

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