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Our "valve" style Coreslicers are designed for machining concave and convex surfaces in honeycomb core. The two piece design consists of a solid carbide CoreSlicer™  and a steel arbor

CoreHog™ Valve Stem Arbors
Part # Shank DIA OAL Use with
1CFA .500" 3.5" 1CS / 1CSC / 1CST
15CFA .500" 3.5" 15CS / 15CSC / 15CST
2CFA .500" 3.5" 2CFS / 2CFSC / 2CFST
75MMCFA .500" 2.5" 75MMCFS / 75MMCFSC / 75MMCFST
CoreHog™ Valve Stem Slicers
Part # DIA Description Use with
1CS 1.000" Smooth Edge 1CFA
1CSC 1.000" Coarsetooth Edge 1CFA
1CST 1.000" Sawtooth Edge 1CFA
15CS 1.500" Smooth Edge 15CFA
15CSC 1.500" Coarsetooth Edge 15CFA
15CST 1.500" Sawtooth Edge 15CFA
2CFS 2.000" Smooth Edge 2CFA
2CFSC 2.000" Coarsetooth Edge 2CFA
2CFST 2.000" Sawtooth Edge 2CFA
75MMCFS 75MM Smooth Edge 75MMCFA
75MMCFSC 75MM Coarsetooth Edge 75MMCFA
75MMCFST 75MM Sawtooth Edge 75MMCFA
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CoreHog™ Valve Stem Slicers with Integral Shank
Part # DIA OAL Description
5MCS 5MM 1.38" Smooth Edge
10MCS 10MM 4.00" Smooth Edge
5CS .500" 4.00" Smooth Edge
5CSC .500" 4.00" Coarsetooth Edge
5CST .500" 4.00" Sawtooth Edge
75CS_MTK .750" 3.00" Smooth Edge
75CSC_MTK .750" 3.00" Coarsetooth Edge
75CST_MTK .750" 3.00" Sawtooth Edge
1CS_MTK 1.000" 3.00" Smooth Edge
1CSC_MTK 1.000" 3.00" Coarsetooth Edge
1CST_MTK 1.000" 3.00" Sawtooth Edge

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