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Innovative New Tools for 2024

Explore our new offering of precision engineered cutting tools that provide unmatched performance in composite applications.

Finishing Core Tools – Free Cutting

This assembly style offering is engineered with free cutting geometry for decreased tool pressure when cutting chamfered, beveled, and other angled profiles in honeycomb core materials.

Finishing Core Tools - Free Cutting Coreslicers:

CFRP Drills

Finishing Core Tools - Free Cutting CoreHoggers – Carbide:

CFRP Routers - Compression Style

Finishing Core Tools - Free Cutting CoreHoggers - Powdered Metal:

Laminate Kevlar Cutters - Compression Style

Phenolic Cutters – Upcut & Downcut

CoreHog’s new Phenolic cutters are designed with a specialized chipbreaker design for reduced harmonics, tool pressure, and resin build up on the cutting edge when cutting Phenolic materials.


Potted Fastener Cutters


Miniature Drills

Laminate Cutters – Compression Cutters

The Upcut and downcut flute geometries compress material inwardly to eliminate delamination and provide excellent performance in CFRP, GFRP and other composite laminated materials.

Miniature Diamond Coated End Mills - Square

Filled Edge Cutters – Finisher

This offering of solid carbide CoreHog Filled Edge Cutters is designed to finish non-metallic skins and epoxy filled core of custom sized sandwich panels.

Miniature Diamond Coated End Mills - Ball

Wall Finishing Tools - Hollow Cutters - Integrated Shank

Featuring through hole geometry for enhanced air purge and chip evacuation, these tools leave pristine finish on vertical and closed pocket honeycomb core walls.

Composites – Filled – Burr Tools – End Mill Style

Brad Point Drills

This drilling offering features a specialized geometry which scores the OD of the hole to minimize fraying and tear out commonly seen in Kevlar® materials.

CFRP MAX Router Bits – Burr Style - Upcut

Rebating Cutters - Replacement Parts

Offering of replacement parts for lost or damaged parts included with the purchase of CoreHog's Rebating Cutter Arbors.

CFRP MAX Router Bits – End Mills Style – Upcut

Finishing Core Tools - Replacement Parts 

Offering of replacement washers and screws designed to replace lost or damaged parts for CoreHog's Finishing Core Tools - Small, Medium, Large, Free Cutting, and Valve Stem Cutters.

CFRP MAX Router Bits – Drill Point Style – Upcut

New 2024 Product Catalog

We are excited to announce the release of CoreHog’s new 2024 Product Catalog! This edition features 12 brand new product tables, each designed to provide outstanding performance in composite cutting applications.

Here at CoreHog, we continuously strive to simplify your composite cutting operations, so you can machine more efficiently and accurately. Our newest innovations include Free Cutting Finishing Core Tools, Phenolic Cutters, Laminate Compression Cutters, Filled Edge Finishers, Brad Point Drills, and more! Elevate your CNC composite cutting game with this new offering of CoreHog tooling, today.

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