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Composites - Laminates

Designed to excel in the milling of composite laminate materials ranging from Fiberglass, S-Glass, Kevlar, Phenolic, and other Carbon Fiber materials, CoreHog's Laminate Tooling offering features CFRP High Feed Mills, CFRP Router Bits, CFRP MAX Router Bits, and PCD Diamond End Mills.

CFRP Routers

Engineered with free cutting geometry for minimized delamination and excellent part finish, and DLC coated for enhanced performance, CoreHog's offering of CFRP Router Bit end mills are optimized for trimming CFRP and other carbon fiber materials, while providing excellent performance in Fiberglass and S Glass.

CFRP Max Routers

Specially designed to provide high feed rates while maintaining superior part finish, CoreHog's offering of CFRP MAX Router Bit end mills are coated with a true crystalline CVD diamond coating for extended tool life when trimming CFRP, carbon fiber, and other multi-laminate composite materials like Fiberglass and S glass.

PCD Diamond End Mills

Built to last, this offering of CoreHog End Mills is engineered to excel in difficult to machine materials like G10 glass and carbon fiber, as they feature a freer cutting edge for minimized delamination and cleaner part finish and are PCD diamond coated for vast improvements in tool life.

Laminate Kevlar Cutters

CoreHog's fully stocked offering of Compression Style Laminate Kevlar Cutters are created specifically to provide high performance in laminated Kevlar®, and feature compression geometry and high edge sharpness to cleanly cut it with minimized fraying.