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Composites - Laminates & Filled

Achieve superb accuracy and superior tool life with CoreHog’s offering of Drilling Tools, including 8 Facet Drills, PCD 8 Facet Drills, Dagger Drills, Helical Step Drills, PCD Countersinks, Interchangeable Countersinks, and Tapered Drills / Reamers.

Dagger Drills

Specifically engineered for hand drilling in assembly applications, while also providing excellent performance in CNC operations, this versatile solid carbide drill features a unique cutting geometry for reduced delamination on the exit and DLC coating for optimal tool performance.

8 Facet Drills

Specially designed to increase MRR when machining in a wide range of composite and plastic materials, this selection of CoreHog drills features an 8 facet design that efficiently spreads out tool pressure throughout the cut, eliminating delamination on the exit.

Tapered Drill Reamers

Simplify your CNC drilling operations with CoreHog's offering of solid carbide Tapered Drill Reamers. Engineered to drill and ream a wide range of composites and plastics in one operation, this 4 flute solid carbide tool features a special "long nose" geometry for reduced delamination and better part finish.

Helical Step Drills

Achieve tightly toleranced holes with minimal tool pressure in a wide range of composite and plastic materials with CoreHog's solid carbide Helical Step Drills, which feature a proprietary multi-stepped nose design that eliminates delamination and burrs on the exit.


Specifically designed to provide excellent performance in abrasive materials like CFRP, Fiberglass, and Kevlar®, this offering of superior cutting tool solutions features PCD Diamond Countersinks for superior tool life and Interchangeable Countersinks for added versatility.

Miniature Drills

Engineered with a 130° drill point, these CoreHog Miniature Drills are engineered for miniature drilling applications in a wide range of composite and plastic materials.

CFRP Drills

This fully stocked selection of CoreHog CFRP Drills, featuring specially engineered geometry that provides outstanding tool life, finish, and repeatability, delivers unmatched results in CFRP holemaking operations.