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Composites - Honeycomb

Gain an immediate boost in shop efficiency with CoreHog's offering of Honeycomb Core Roughing and Finishing tools, which includes Small Size Finishing Tools, Medium Size Finishing Tools, Large Size Finishing Tools, Valve Cutters, Vertical Wall Finishing Tools, and a variety of CoreHoggers with different end profiles and shank options.

Roughing Core Tools

Engineered to increase your shop's productivity, CoreHog's superior offering of Honeycomb Core Roughing end mills is designed for bulk material removal of honeycomb composite materials like Nomex®, Kevlar®, Phenolic, and Glass, while providing excellent performance when roughing Rohacell®, Poly Foam, and Styrofoam.

Finishing Core Tools - Small

Customize your machining experience with CoreHog's Small Size Finishing Tools, comprised of CoreHoggers and Coreslicers, these assembly style milling tools are specially designed for reaching into small, closed features such as pockets, joggles, and closed walls when machining an array of honeycomb core materials.

Finishing Core Tools - Medium

Experience machining flexibility with CoreHog's Medium Sized Finishing Tools, comprised of CoreHoggers and Coreslicers of material optimized edge type options, this assembly syle CNC tooling is engineered for shaping and finishing smaller sized honeycomb core parts and features.

Finishing Core Tools - Large

Engineered for shaping and finishing large volumes of honeycomb core materials, this offering of assembly style milling tools allows for the customization of materials, densities, and manufacturing styles. Browse from a variety of Arbors, CoreHoggers, and Coreslicers, all precision manufactured in the USA.

Valve Stem Cutters

Designed for finish bevel or knife edge parts in honeycomb core materials, CoreHog's offering of Valve Cutter end mills features Valve Stem Slicers with an Integral Shank, Single Bevel Core Saws, and assembly style tooling comprised of Valve Stem Arbors paired with Valve Stem Slicers.

Wall Finishing Tools

Experience flag free finishes and smooth vertical walls in honeycomb core composite materials with CoreHog's fully stocked offering of Vertical Wall Finishing Tools, which feature Left Hand CoreHoggers and assembly style Modular Pogo Tools paired with Modular Pogo Arbors.