A Harvey Performance Company

Composites - Sandwich Panel

Among this offering of tooling specially engineered to machine sandwich panel materials like CFRP, Carbon Fiber, Nomex®, and Kevlar® bonded panels, are Sandwich Panel Cutters, Compression Cutters, Potted Fastener Cutters, and a collection of Rebating Cutters.

Filled Edge Cutters

Tooling designed to finish non-metallic skins and epoxy filled core of custom sized sandwich panels.

Sandwich Panel Cutters

High Speed Steel Sandwich Panel Cutters engineered to provide a flag and fuzz free finish.

Rebating Cutters

Rebating Cutters engineered for the consistent CNC machining of Sandwich Panel configuations.

Potted Fastener Cutters

Potted Fastener Cutters that cut holes in non-metallic sandwich panels to receive epoxied fasteners.