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Engineered to simplify your CNC composite machining, this superior offering of milling tools features a multitude of application specific, premium quality cutting tools. Browse from tooling solutions specially designed for your next honeycomb core, sandwich panel, multi-laminate, or plastic milling job.

Composites - Honeycomb

Gain an immediate boost in shop efficiency with CoreHog's offering of Honeycomb Core Roughing and Finishing tools, which includes Small Size Finishing Tools, Medium Size Finishing Tools, Large Size Finishing Tools, Valve Cutters, Vertical Wall Finishing Tools, and a variety of CoreHoggers with different end profiles and shank options.

Composites - Sandwich Panel

Among this offering of tooling specially engineered to machine sandwich panel materials like CFRP, Carbon Fiber, Nomex®, and Kevlar® bonded panels, are Compression Cutters, Rebating Cutters, and a collection of Modular Rebating Tools.

Composites - Laminates

Designed to excel in the milling of composite laminate materials ranging from Fiberglass, S-Glass, Kevlar, Phenolic, and other Carbon Fiber materials, CoreHog's Laminate Tooling offering features CFRP High Feed Mills, CFRP Router Bits, CFRP MAX Router Bits, and PCD Diamond End Mills.

Plastics - Unfilled

Engineered to excel when milling plastics and multi-plastics, CoreHog's offering of Single Flute Plastic Cutters and 2 Flute Plastic Cutters feature a polished flute face design and large flute valleys for improved finish and maximum chip removal.

Composites - Filled

This offering of DLC coated Burr Tools are offered in Burr Style, End Mill Style, and Drill Point Style, all designed to reduce delamination and provide a smooth cutting action when routing fiber reinforced, epoxy resin, and composite materials.